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As Pia Reichel-Morber kindly asked me if I would share my story with her international colleagues in the context of Kellogg Company’s Multicultural Week, I immediately was just grateful and delighted.

As a Black French woman with Caribbean roots who has been living in Germany, mainly on the countryside, for almost 30 years and working in the headquarters of traditional German B2B hidden champions for 20 years, I do have often enough… and deliberately create opportunities to share on these topics. That’s even my job now.

However, Pia’s, Daniela-Ioana Cocirta’s and Tanja Buehrmann’s approach turned out to be just awesome : highly professional diversity management that comes straight from the heart for the better of their colleagues and their company. The interview was a great pleasure; I found myself just sharing personal and partly quite private experiences with truly engaged friends.

Our interview was integrated in a warm-heartened internal film I had the privilege to see. Kellogg’s activities in terms of diversity management are best practice! I am very impressed by their attitude and engagement. As I aim to be impactful for a better and more beneficial togetherness at the workplace, I’m so grateful for having been part of Kellogg’s Multicultural Week.